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Customer Terms and Conditions

Please take time to read these Terms and Conditions as it is important that you understand the contractual relationship relating to your use of Only Bidding. We will not allow you to bid/book from Only Bidding unless you have confirmed that you have read these terms.


This agreement governs your use of this website or any other website owned by Only Bidding Ltd. However not all of the products or services we provide are supplied by us. Therefore, the contract for that product and/or service will be between you and that third party.

All care is taken to ensure that the Only Bidding Ltd website and data transmissions are free from viruses. However, it is your responsibility to scan any such data for viruses. It is always wise for you to run an anti-virus program on all material downloaded from the internet.


  • "Booking" means an agreement for you to stay at the Hotel at the agreed price with the agreed facilities. Your booking is confirmed once you have paid for the auction.
  • "Guest or Customer or Bidder" means the person wishing to stay at a hotel.
  • "Hotel" means the participating hotel at which the Guest will be staying.
  • "Maximum Bid" means an offer by you to the Supplier to purchase the goods or services offered for auction on the Website at the Bid amount specified by you upon making a Bid.
  • "Only Bidding or We or Us or Our" means Only Bidding Ltd.
  • "PayPal payment" is the service used by Only Bidding Ltd for Guests to pay for the booking. The Customer payment is paid direct to the Supplier.
  • "Supplier" means the Hotel or Travel agent who has the right to sell the product. In some cases, Only Bidding will be the Supplier. You will be informed who the Supplier is in the product details section of the listing.
  • "Website" means the website(s) of Only Bidding Ltd ( etc) and its business partners on which the product and service of Only Bidding Ltd are available.

1. General

1.1. Only Bidding does not accept any liability for any losses or claims arising from any inability to access the website, any interruption in the conduct of any auction nor for any failure to complete a transaction.

1.2. If there are any changes to the details supplied by you it is your responsibility to update your information on our Website via our web form.

2. Auction listing

2.1. All auction sales are non-refundable.

2.2. All auctions held on the Website will run for a specified period of time. The auction will end when the specified period of time ends. However Only Bidding reserves the right to close auctions early or to extend them at any time at our discretion. Auctions may be cancelled or listings withdrawn because of, amongst other things, technical difficulties experienced by Only Bidding, a third party Supplier, or the Internet.

2.3. All taxes are included in the Maximum Bid amount specified by the Bidder.

2.4. The hotel room photos are only a depiction of the type of rooms on offer and may not represent the actual room described.

2.5. Star ratings may differ according to the country where the hotel is located and are out of the control of Only Bidding. Please note that all ratings shown on the website are ratings provided by the Hotels themselves. Therefore Only Bidding cannot be held responsible for any misconceptions relating to star ratings.

2.6. We attempt to ensure that the information available on the website at any one time is accurate. However, the Supplier remotely uploads product names, details and descriptions. This means that Only Bidding cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information. We cannot be responsible for updating such information and we cannot guarantee that it will be fault-free.

3. Your bid(s)

3.1. To place a bid on an auction you must register and create and account on the Only Bidding website.

3.2. Any listings you Bid for are subject to the terms set out in the listing. By placing a Bid you agree to be bound by those terms. The placing of a Bid constitutes a legal offer.

3.3. Once you the Bidder places a Bid, it cannot be retracted.

3.4. The winning Bid in any auction will be the Bid which, at the time the auction closes, is the highest Bid(s) and meets any other conditions of the relevant auction. Your contract is concluded with the Supplier at the time the auction closes and if you are the winning Bidder.

3.5. Following the close of an auction, you should check the status of your Bid by accessing My Account section within the Website. If your Bid is successful, you will receive an email asking for Payment.

4. Payment

4.1. You are required to pay for the auction within the date and time specified on the auction listing. Failure to do so will result in a suspension of your account.

5. Your booking

5.1. All auction sales are non-refundable, subject always to your statutory rights, but ultimately your contract is with the Supplier and any decision regarding cancelling your booking is at their discretion.

5.2. Only Bidding act as a disclosed agent for third party suppliers, such as a hotel or a travel agent. What this means is that the contract for the product (eg hotel room stay) is between you and the supplier and therefore we have no contractual liability to you in respect of that product. In the case that Only Bidding are the travel agent, the contract for the product is between you and us.

5.3. The contract for the product is between you and the supplier, therefore any queries or concerns relating to the product should be addressed to them. You will see the name and address, plus contact details in the booking confirmation we send you.

5.4. Payment for your booking will be deposited directly into the Suppliers account via PayPal; either via PayPal balance, credit/debit card, bank transfer etc.

5.5. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and availability, some errors might still occur. Once aware of such incidences we will make all reasonable effort to advise you within 48 business hours of the booking being made. Under such circumstances we reserve the right to cancel the booking and refund all monies paid, but this of course will be without any liability to you.

5.6. You undertake that all details you provide to us for the purpose of booking or entering auctions are correct and that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the product/Bid.

5.7. We will not send you e-mails that you do not wish to receive but we cannot guarantee that third parties to whom your details are sent will not do so.

5.8. In the event that the Hotel cannot fulful their part of the contract, the Hotel will:
(a) find suitable alternative accommodation of an equal or better standard to the Hotel holding the Guest's guaranteed booking; and
(b) provide free transportation to the alternative hotel for the Guest and other members of the Guest's party who are listed in the Guest's booking.
or (c) provide a refund.

5.9. If the Guest wishes to extend the stay beyond the dates in the Booking then this needs to be arranged by the Guest with the Hotel or if the Guest wins another Only Bidding auction.

6. Applicable Law

6.1. Every auction shall be deemed performed and concluded in England. English law shall govern every aspect of auctions held on our Wesbite and any subsequent contractual agreement.

Revision history:

Initial revision: 10th October 2011